Revit Architecture



This course is  introduction to Revit Architecture, a powerful building modeller used extensively for architectural design and documentation in 2D and 3D. The course is delivered through theory, demonstrations and practical work. Participants gain hands-on experience using the various modelling and documentation commands within Revit.



Course content


  • Building model set up, levels and grids 
  • Basic building tools 
  • Basic editing tools 
  • Navigation tools 
  • Creating views, sections and elevations 
  • Setting up, managing and tracking information on documents 
  • Automatic scheduling

Ideal for

Designed for those who want to develop their skills in 3D modelling, computer-aided design and documentation using Revit.



Upon completion participants will have developed a good understanding of the fundamental functions and applications of Revit for architectural and building professions.


No previous experience in Revit is required however a practical understanding of PC operation and the Windows environment is essential.